The first true DeFi as a service

COMB is a protocol aimed towards establishing a suite of financial products built on top of the Fantom blockchain. Diversify your portfolio with one token.

Financial products built on trust.

COMB is dedicated towards building financial products that all users can use and trust with their finances. Hosting competitive rates and innovative technology.

Diversify your portfolio with zCOMB

Lock up your $COMB to diversify your profile into numerous tokens. Earn native blue chips without the hassle of impermanent loss or portfolio management. Share the entirety of the protocol's revenue.

Blue chips

Earn tokens that have stood the test of time. Even through bearish markets, earn tokens that have seen financial stablity for years, and years to come.


COMB has established the 93rd validator on the Fantom network. All rewards will be sent towards a diversify number of pools dedicated towards creating revenue for zCOMB.


All revenue as a result of our services will be directed towards our zCOMB holders. As of now, we currently offer yield optimizers, LP farms, and a node service.

Our services

COMB has developed a suite of trusted financial services dedicated towards building generational wealth for new investors on the Fantom ecosystem.

Liquidity farms

Users stake their LP tokens onto our platform in order to earn COMB. These pools will redistribute yields to zCOMB holders.

Auto compounders

Users deposit their LP tokens onto our platform and we will automate the process of compounding their yields.

Node service

Users can purchase high quality endpoints by buying nodes off of the market or locking their COMB. Holders earn COMB over time.

Our Leadership

  • Philip Vu

    Lead Developer

  • Samaun (Sam) Nejad

    Head of Growth and Product

  • Ivan Murcia

    Head of Community and Communications

Frequently asked questions

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What is $COMB?
$COMB is a utility token used to enter the COMB ecosystem. The current emissions of $COMB are controlled by noders and LP providers.
How Do You Buy $COMB?
To buy COMB, we have created a number of different resources to help onboard our users. Check out our YouTube channel as well as our Medium to find those resources.
What separates COMB vs other Protocols?
The COMB protocol distinguishes itself by being a one-stop-shop for DeFi services. Built on a foundation of trust, security, and beauty, all of COMB's products have been developed with the users in mind.