Origins of the unprecedented.

Whitney leaning against a railing on a downtown street

Every innovation has its unique origin story. Ours begins with three aspirational individuals: a shrewd marketer, a compassionate community manager, and an inventive developer. COMB offered a haven for this emerging core team, an incubator for their skills, and an opportunity to revolutionise decentralised finance. But, COMB is not solely their story to tell; it is the story of all our community members, all those who were willing to believe in an idea and have faith in its execution.

COMB is the accumulation of all those individuals' stories. It is a story of commitment, innovation, and prosperity—a flourishing protocol rewarding those who dared to envision an alternative future.

Reimagine Tomorrow

Too often, we diminish innovation to little more than technological advancement. This mindset imprisons innovation within traditional paradigms and disregards its foundations of imagination and creativity.

At COMB, we champion the creative and imaginative aspects of innovation. We strive to design a protocol that hovers on the boundaries of the unthinkable and continuously breaks the bounds of traditional products.

This ethos is the driving force behind our success and will continue to characterise our development as we expand into products that redefine social media, developer tools, and gaming.

As always, COMB will build our innovations upon the COMB protocol. Thus ensuring the community owns our creations and justly reaps their rewards.

Own your Destiny

The future of society will be decentralised. And, in a decentralised world, the community is a priceless asset. So, while traditional companies seek to grasp onto the past and preserve their centralised, customer-company models, COMB strives to capture and capitalise on the power of decentralisation.

To do so, COMB extends the concept of community ownership to encompass governance. By unlocking the potential of this model, COMB personifies a hivemind: a space where our community crowdsources ideas, analyses new opportunities, and refines future strategies.

This community orientation symbiotically strengthens our protocol and enlarges our community. We use decentralisation to empower our community members to own their financial destinies and determine the protocol's future.

Building Trust in a Trustless System

Although blockchain technology is a trustless system, widespread adoption requires building trust with users. At COMB, we are obsessed with cultivating trust with our community, not just to facilitate our expansion but because we owe it to our community.

We believe that there are three essential pillars of trust: transparency, critique, and accountability. We aspire to foster open discussions with our community where we are transparent about the protocols activity, where the community can analyse and critique our decisions, and ultimately, where the core team is held accountable.

But, we believe that building trust is about more than fostering open conversation; it is about genuine gestures to our community. This belief is why we have adopted a multisig wallet operated by both the team and trusted community members and fully doxxed our lead developer.

When the community has concerns, we listen and take action. We understand that trust is not imposed from the top down but forged from the bottom up.